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1dwwA motif

Motif residues: CYS194 VAL346 PHE363 TRP366 TYR367 GLU371 ASP376

Table of Top 100 matches

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The images below show the motif residues and the match residues superimposed. The carbon atoms are white in the motif and green in the match. Other atoms in the motif and match are colored by element. The C-alphas are shown as spheres, while the remaining motif and match atoms are shown in stick representation. The rest of the matching protein is shown in ribbon representation.


Top 20 matches

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3.  1m9kB [pdb]

LRMSD: 0.268
p-value: 0.000142
Matching residues: CYS184 VAL336 PHE353 TRP356 TYR357 GLU361 ASN366
EC class:
Biological process: angiogenesis, ovulation from ovarian follicle, response to hypoxia, blood vessel remodeling, regulation of sodium ion transport, regulation of systemic arterial blood pressure by endothelin, arginine catabolic process, nitric oxide biosynthetic process, anti-apoptosis, mitochondrion organization, signal transduction, aging, regulation of blood pressure, negative regulation of cell proliferation, response to heat, response to lead ion, negative regulation of platelet activation, response to organic cyclic compound, negative regulation of muscle hyperplasia, smooth muscle hyperplasia, lung development, positive regulation of guanylate cyclase activity, lipopolysaccharide-mediated signaling pathway, response to estradiol stimulus, response to lipopolysaccharide, response to cytokine stimulus, response to fluid shear stress, response to drug, response to amino acid stimulus, negative regulation of potassium ion transport, response to peptide hormone stimulus, endothelial cell migration, response to ethanol, positive regulation of angiogenesis, positive regulation of vasodilation, negative regulation of smooth muscle cell proliferation, regulation of blood vessel size, negative regulation of hydrolase activity, negative regulation of calcium ion transport, response to hyperoxia, response to lipoprotein stimulus, oxidation-reduction process
Cellular Component: Golgi membrane, soluble fraction, nucleus, nucleolus, cytoplasm, Golgi apparatus, cytosol, cytoskeleton, plasma membrane, caveola, membrane, apical part of cell
Molecular function: actin monomer binding, nitric-oxide synthase activity, iron ion binding, protein binding, calmodulin binding, FMN binding, oxidoreductase activity, heme binding, tetrahydrobiopterin binding, arginine binding, cadmium ion binding, metal ion binding, flavin adenine dinucleotide binding, NADP binding

7.  2rlcA [pdb]

LRMSD: 1.93
p-value: 0.000476
Matching residues: CYS78 PHE105 TRP108 PHE113 VAL119 GLU157 ASN164
EC class:
Molecular function: hydrolase activity, choloylglycine hydrolase activity

8.  2hjnA [pdb]

LRMSD: 1.95
p-value: 0.000522
Matching residues: ASN103 TRP197 TYR213 GLU215 CYS221 PHE256 VAL258
EC class:
Biological process: protein phosphorylation, cell cycle, regulation of exit from mitosis, cell division
Cellular Component: chromosome, centromeric region, nucleus, chromosome, cytoplasm, spindle pole body, cytoskeleton
Molecular function: protein binding, kinase regulator activity, metal ion binding

9.  2r5kB [pdb]

LRMSD: 1.96
p-value: 0.000558
Matching residues: CYS99 GLU103 VAL156 PHE244 ASN305 TYR308 TRP309
EC class:
Cellular Component: virion, viral capsid
Molecular function: structural molecule activity

10.  1f97A [pdb]

LRMSD: 1.97
p-value: 0.000578
Matching residues: CYS49 TRP61 PHE63 VAL86 PHE88 ASN103 GLU105
EC class:
Biological process: cell adhesion, epithelial cell differentiation, interspecies interaction between organisms
Cellular Component: plasma membrane, tight junction, membrane, integral to membrane, cell junction

12.  3oh1A [pdb]

LRMSD: 2.05
p-value: 0.000883
Matching residues: CYS113 VAL118 PHE165 TRP258 TYR263 GLU264 ASP293
Biological process: metabolic process
Molecular function: nucleotidyltransferase activity

13.  2ivfA [pdb]

LRMSD: 2.07
p-value: 0.000946
Matching residues: TRP79 CYS92 TYR95 GLU106 ASN134 PHE673 VAL674
EC class:
Biological process: oxidation-reduction process, oxidation-reduction process
Cellular Component: periplasmic space
Molecular function: heme binding, binding, oxidoreductase activity, molybdenum ion binding, metal ion binding

15.  1tuoA [pdb]

LRMSD: 2.07
p-value: 0.000979
Matching residues: ASP253 PHE291 VAL293 PHE315 TRP317 CYS327 GLU345
EC class:
Biological process: carbohydrate metabolic process
Molecular function: intramolecular transferase activity

16.  1p15B [pdb]

LRMSD: 2.08
p-value: 0.000979
Matching residues: GLU607 ASP608 VAL622 CYS635 TYR638 TRP639 PHE684
EC class:
Biological process: protein phosphorylation, protein dephosphorylation, insulin receptor signaling pathway, dephosphorylation
Cellular Component: membrane, integral to membrane
Molecular function: phosphoprotein phosphatase activity, protein tyrosine phosphatase activity, hydrolase activity, phosphatase activity

18.  1ukcB [pdb]

LRMSD: 2.09
p-value: 0.00105
Matching residues: TRP241 PHE320 ASP335 GLU338 PHE400 VAL407 CYS526
EC class:
Molecular function: hydrolase activity

19.  1zzhA [pdb]

LRMSD: 2.09
p-value: 0.00108
Matching residues: TRP97 CYS203 VAL219 ASP243 GLU245 PHE248 PHE263